Bluetooth Android PWM Receiver

The PCBs I ordered for my electric skateboard controller are finally here! I reworked the previous design by removing vias, making the traces thinner, and placing the components closer together. I also changes some resistors and capacitors values for some more common ones.

screenshot_2016-09-08-23-21-16The rest of the components are still on their way, but in the meantime, I have tested the continuity of the traces on each PCB. I am also already thinking about hardware version 1.1, and the features that I am looking to add! When the components get here, I will compile a short timelapse video of me building and assembling each controller. After that, they will be available for sale on this website!

Additionally, I have programmed version 1.1 of the Android application. I am trying to make my controller as accurate as possible, but unfortunately, a higher accuracy means a higher cost. I am using a precision voltage reference, and hand-picked resistors for measuring the voltage of the battery, which is typically within 1% of the real voltage. However, since electric skateboards (and some RC cars and boats) typically run at high voltages, up to 12S (50.4 volts), the voltage measurement can be off by quite a bit. Thus, I have added a “voltage-trim” function, which can set a voltage offset +-0.25 volts in the settings menu.


I have also recently invested in a more accurate voltmeter. I am going to use it to provide the voltage offset to the user of each Bluetooth receiver, so they can set-up accurate voltage measurements without a voltmeter.

In addition to the voltage-trim feature, I have fixed a variety of user-reported bugs, and I have set the device-list to list only controllers, and to refresh upon turning on Bluetooth. You can find the APKs for all of my app versions here!

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  1. where do i buy one of these pcbs’

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