VESC Bluetooth Module Controller

The times have escaped me. Turns out the electric skateboard community has been using the open-source VESC controller for their electric skateboards for quite some time, and they are really good…

I recently got my hands on one through AXLE, a US manufacturer, and I have decided to update my current electric skateboard controller to incorporate the advanced data which the VESC provides through it’s data port. The data which the VESC can output includes things like:

  • Mosfet Temperatures
  • Motor Current
  • Input Current
  • RPM
  • Input Voltage
  • Amp Hours
  • Watt Hours
  • and more…

This data can be analyzed by the app to provide more accurate range estimations, a running tally of how far the board has traveled, and other features. Alternatively, it can be simply logged. (From this logged data, you can also find out how to maximize the range of your board).

I was inspired by Rocket Boards, which provided a method of viewing and recording the VESC data with a iOS app. However, I wanted to expand upon Rocket Board’s design, and incorporate a way to actually control the speed. Additionally, I want to add a way of switching between a GT2B controller and the Bluetooth app.

I’ve incorporated all of these features into version 2.0 of the electric skateboard receiver, and I should have some PCBs and components in a week or so! If all goes well, I will order a batch of 50 of these controllers after that, and they will be availible on this website!

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  1. Daniel Williams

    Hey Vlad do you have these available for sale, and if so, how can I purchase this . I am working on a electric ripstik project currently. I was hoping to have the reciever operated from my mobile phone. Thanks

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