I had the utmost pleasure of working at Zaber Technologies as part of a co-op position during the winter semester of 2018 (Jan-May). My main responsibility was the design of a dual-axis motor controller, which was to be integrated into the ASR series of products:


The above is a ASR 50mm. It’s¬†main application is as a microscope stage. The motor controller I helped design was to be placed where the existing stage houses it’s motor connectors. I had to work with existing size and dimension constraints in order to get the controller to fit.

I learned a lot of transferable electrical design skills as part of my co-op experience. Those skills include but are not limited to:

  • Electrical design with EMI considerations (motor drives are notorious for producing noise)
  • How to switch FETs at faster speeds
  • Pin selection for the STM32 family of chips using CubeMX software

In addition to my main project, I also completed side tasks. I:

  • Wrote¬†Python scrips to test flash memory storage for write-cycle defects
  • Tested existing products for power supply issues by creating new test procedures