Vladislav Pomogaev

Engineering Graduate – VE7ZAH

Category: Projects

  • CMOS Digital Bubble Level

    My term project for the course ELEC 402: Introduction to VLSI Systems was an open-ended CMOS design of a state machine of our choosing. For my state machine I decided to create a bubble level or “spirit level” that can be used to level things horizontally. I captured my progress in a series of reports […]

  • Craigslist Housing Scraper in Python

    This project is a set of Python scripts that record and display trends in Craigslist posts, specifically rental housing around the Vancouver/UBC area. By setting a URL it can scrape listings in any geographical area. The listings are saved to a tinyDB instance (basically JSON file) and can be loaded into a Pandas table for […]

  • BrightBoard: 10k Lumen Lamp

    The BrightBoard is an ultra-bright LED panel for photography and videography. It is also a personal venture into the world of product design, and served as a series of important lessons in prototyping and engineering design. Let me list you the key features: 112 LEDs for a total flux of ~10k lumens (depending on input voltage) About […]

  • Boat Autopilot

    One of my projects this summer was an autopilot system for my dad’s home-made catamaran. The cat is very fun and easy to steer, but extended length journeys become tiresome. That’s why I decided to build an autopilot system that could automate the task of steering the boat, as well as function as a remote-steering […]

  • Club Database Website

    Club Database (found at clubdatabase.net) provides a clear, up-to-date, searchable list of clubs at UBC. The website indexes clubs, design teams, associations, societies, fraternities/sororities, and sports teams, so that students from UBC can easily search and find what they are looking for. You can also review student organizations on Club Database, which offers student organizations the […]

  • Assembly, Multisim, and VHDL Labs

    One of the courses I took as part of my third-year Engineering Physics requirement was CPEN 312, “Digital Systems and Microcomputers”. In addition to learning about the basics of digital logic, such as binary counting and logic gates, I also did a number of labs involving programming in assembly, Multisim, and VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description […]

  • E-Bike Prototypes

    Since 2018 I have been working on an ebike project where I convert a regular Costco-brand bicycle to electric. I started with a prototype using a proof-of-concept electrical system, and over the years have added upgrades such as a new battery pack. The following is a gallery of the progress. At the end of the […]

  • Admiral Trackbar, winner of the Star Wars autonomous robot challenge!

    Admiral Trackbar is an autonomous robot that navigates using 3D printed treads, avoids detection by detecting infrared signals, and rescues Ewoks through servo powered arms. It was build by a team of four (Chuan Du, Forbes Choy, Vladimir Novakovic, and myself) as part of the course: ENPH 253, Introduction to Instrument Design. The objective of […]

  • 24v POE Injector for Drones

    Here’s a quick schematic project I built for the UAS design team. They needed a 24V Power over Ethernet injector for a mission-critical antenna. My solution was to utilize the WEBENCH tool from Texas Instruments to help design a low-noise, buck-boost converter in-between two RJ45 ports. That way, one end of their system could be powered by whatever […]

  • IR Sensor Array

    In order to detect objects for the Engineering Physics robot competition, my team and I set out to create a new sensor array. The array circuit consists of the ADS7828 ADC (courtesy of Texas Instruments), eight IR LEDs and photo-transistors, and accompanying circuitry. The entire sensor array connects to an I2C bus through two parallel […]

  • Rocket Control Board

    This is the Draco control board, a rocket guidance/steering system that can be used to stabilize as well as record and transmit the flight data of model rockets. I developed this board for my own personal use for in model rocketry, but wasn’t too sure as to the rocket I would use for it, so […]

  • 3D Printed Lab Power Supply

    When it comes to necessary lab equipment, a lab-bench power supply is a must. I managed to get through the early days of my hobby by using salvaged wall-warts with fixed voltages and fixed current limits. But when it came to testing my new LED panel for the V-I curve, I found it really cumbersome to […]

  • High Efficiency LED Panel

    I recently needed some lights for a boat, but all of the options online weren’t “efficient” enough. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and try my best to make the most efficient LED lights I could. In regards to light-bulbs, efficiency generally means how many lumens per watt the light bulb […]

  • 2D Game Engine in C++

    At the start of 2017 I really wanted to make my own 2D strategy game, similar to “FTL” and other indie games. I started by getting to know the SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer) library in C++ by using it in a variety of test projects, before eventually deciding that I wanted to make a simple […]

  • IoT Weather Station v2.0

    For my term project for my highschool’s design class I decided to design and build a solar powered, automatic weather station. The goal was to design a small, compact weather station with the following requirements: Must be solar powered, with a battery for operation at night Must be compact in size, with a non-destructive mounting […]

  • Content Management System

    The Small Website CMS is an educational project written in PHP with a MySQL database backend. It was written around 2014-2015. It is a dynamic system that allows the user to create a website/blog without needing to program HTML pages. It is similar to services like WordPress, with the exception of it being very light […]