Vladislav Pomogaev

Engineering Graduate – VE7ZAH

Content Management System

The Small Website CMS is an educational project written in PHP with a MySQL database backend. It was written around 2014-2015. It is a dynamic system that allows the user to create a website/blog without needing to program HTML pages. It is similar to services like WordPress, with the exception of it being very light on features and processing power. Here are some screenshots:

The entire program was written from scratch without using any pre-existing libraries or classes. Unfortunately, the default mysql_connect function is now depreciated in the latest version of PHP, so the program will not work without reverting back to an older version of PHP. Regardless, this project taught me how to solve various programming challenges. Here are some of the features of the program:

  • MySQL tables/database backend
  • Comment spam filter (IP timer)
  • Ability to create/edit posts, pages, images, and categories
  • Post, category, and page search function
  • Admin menu login using cookie stored auth-key
  • Everything has a well-thought out CCS layout; no pure HTML anywhere

You can download the source code here