Vladislav Pomogaev

Engineering Graduate – VE7ZAH

Tag: array

  • BrightBoard: 10k Lumen Lamp

    The BrightBoard is an ultra-bright LED panel for photography and videography. It is also a personal venture into the world of product design, and served as a series of important lessons in prototyping and engineering design. Let me list you the key features: 112 LEDs for a total flux of ~10k lumens (depending on input voltage) About […]

  • IR Sensor Array

    In order to detect objects for the Engineering Physics robot competition, my team and I set out to create a new sensor array. The array circuit consists of the ADS7828 ADC (courtesy of Texas Instruments), eight IR LEDs and photo-transistors, and accompanying circuitry. The entire sensor array connects to an I2C bus through two parallel […]